Island Greeting 



Salt vintage

Dear Santa,

     I still haven't heard back about that Hawaiian holiday I asked for,

I put out cookies & when you asked for milk I always gave a heavy pour.

Are you getting these letters? Do you still live at the North Pole?

I've been good every year, you've never once had to bring me coal.

At home there's no snow to play in, but Santa, it's still cold as can be!

My Christmas list is short: Hawaii and to soak up some Vitamin D...

Don't get me wrong, I've always loved the presents you brought,

like those ice skate from last year that were more fun than I thought!

But  the laces were knotted and the skates fit too tight,

and I'd waited too long for that ticket for a flight. 

So I decided it was time to stop all this stalling.

Christmas was near, and Hawaii was calling...

So I made my packing list & I checked it twice, 

I thought a window seat on the plane sounded nice.

 I dashed to the airport, making the plane just in time,

sat back in my seat & ordered a daiquiri with lime. 

"On jet plane! On pilot!" I shouted with glee,

"Fly me away to the sunny skies of Hawaii!"

I couldn't contain my excitement as above the sea we flew,

the beaches were glowing golden & the skies were crystal blue.

We arrived a bit late, many of the passengers were sour, 

Not me, I was giddy, for it was just about Happy Hour!

But it wasn't a mai tai I craved, nor the mojito sent over by that fella,

No, I'd toast Christmas with egg nog decked with a cocktail umbrella!

Fa-la-la-la lazy, that's just how I've been,

when my egg nog runs low, I fill it up again.

No ornaments, just coconuts hanging on the tree. 

and singing ukulele carols while sitting by the sea.

A spot in the sunshine, with something good to read, 

it may sound lavish, but Santa, it's just what I need!

Oh Santa how I wish that you could see,

all the pretty colors on my pineapple tree.

Now my only wish is that time would stop,

so I could have more time to island hop!

Santa if you should get the chance, hop right in your sleigh,

and  take a holiday vacation in the land where palm trees sway. 

Day after day in the toyshop, you're a very hard working man. 

So come kick back on the beach, order a drink, get a tan. 

Bring along the Mrs. and then you both can see, 

why a Hawaiian holiday was just the gift for me!

I hope this postcard finds you well, at the North Pole snowy white,

I have to go now so, Merry Christmas to all (there's a luau tonight!)






Salt vintage

Luke 2:14

He is the reason.

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